Welcome to the Maine Gold Star Family Memorial

Dedicated to the Gold Star Families of the State of Maine, by the Citizens of the State of Maine.  

Gold Star Family Memorial Design

About Us

Maine Gold Star Family Memorial- Augusta, Maine

A Maine committee is spearheading fundraising for Maine’s Gold Star Family Memorial. 

The purpose of the Gold Star Family Memorial is to honor Gold Star Families from all wars and conflicts, preserve the memory of the fallen, and create a lasting memorial for future Gold Star Families through statewide recognition. 

From the Citizens of the State of Maine, to the Gold Star Families of Maine, this stunning seven-foot-tall black granite monument is in the shape of a pentagon, with each side radiating out to the point of a star, and will be in Augusta, Maine at Capitol Park.      

Join us to Honor and Remember those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice, and their Families.

Our goal is to fully fund and build this Memorial in 2019!